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do you know? - Mankind

Jul. 10th, 2005 10:37 pm do you know?

do you know whats worse than not writing?
writing and not finishing.
it's almost as good as writing
you feel like you've said things you wanted to
and u feel a little better
till u realize u didnt finish
before you turned your computer off
and u say "oh shit! i just erased it all."
and its like it never happened
i need a new fucking life
i'm sick of the old one and it shows
i'm not as nice to some people
and i'm more nice to others
what's the fuck's going on?
my mind is trying to free itself
and i'm the only thing stopping it
i feel the need to drop all my old friends
i feel like they hold me back
but maybe they don't.
maybe they see me as the person i can be
but i hold back so they wont think i've changed
and there's constant friction
i realize they aren't the problem at all
they're the solution
i have to see myself through their eyes
i've been thinking about trying Datura
or Jimson Weed as some call it
she is a Queen of Hallucinogenics


Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Zap Mama

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