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Just One Bump...and she writes again - Mankind

May. 8th, 2005 06:25 pm Just One Bump...and she writes again

thank god.
i had a strange dream last nite.
i was staying with aletheia and this black couple i was deathly afraid of.
the woman wouldn't speak to me, and the man was a drug dealer with alot of friends.
i hated staying there, and kept wondering why aletheia would want to live with them
until one day they said they were all going to spend the night somewhere else.
i was happy about that, and after they left i went straight to the man's dresser and found
a HUGE bag of cocaine!
i was happy about THAT, and i did some. just a bump, one tiny little bump, and i started
walking around feeling really fucked up and
suddenly they all came back home and wondered what was going on.
aletheia asked me what was wrong, and i avoided her.
somehow, the guy got me into a big bathroom and asked me to empty all my pockets.
as i did, i said "this is yours" and gave him the drugs. he said he was looking for that.
i said "i only did a bump. just one bump."
he weighed it ,and although he believed me, he proceeded to bitch me out
for not appreciating all he'd done to get his wife to allow me to stay there.
i apologized profusely and left.
i kept thinking i would be 2 hours late for work
because my clock was messed up and i decided
flying was the fastest way there.
as i floated away from the house
i came to a field completely covered in people-
and they were all wearing white.
i assumed they were Muslims based on their headware and the way they were praying.
they were everywhere! i kept spinning in circles and jumping and spinning
for way too long, until i realized something wasn't right
and i floated over the masses and
saw them all praying and moving and thinking about
something otherworldly. something old yet new
that communicates with few
and suddenly i woke up.
i heard my fan turn back on and realized
my electricity was off, which means my clock was off
which means i WAS going to be late to work because
my clock WAS fucked up.
what the fuck

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Current Music: Martina Topely-Bird & Tricky-Poems

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