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fuck - Mankind

Jun. 27th, 2005 12:34 am fuck

Yikes! it's been a while since i've written. thank god it hasn't been a year or something...
i took the weekend off so i could go to columbus' cummunity festival (comfest) and our gay pride parade
we got to see the band Betty from the L word for FREE
and drink lots of beer
and see LOTS of titties
i saw someone who's name shall NOT be mentioned
and i wrote a rather revealing journal entry in my other book
about HER
and i realized
I'm either completely insane or
totally in love
but i digress...
i've had such an amazing weekend
and now its back to the daily grind
to that state of mind that kills my soul
if it werent for marijuana and Zap Mama
i'd be dead right now
let's just hope those 2 can
get me through to
because it's ALL about
that's one of many things revealed in my other journal
which i'm considering writing in here
just to have all my thoughts in one place
and while i HATE to interrupt HIM
during HIS busy day
tonite i ask GOD
"What The Fuck Should I DO?!?!"
she has another lover
and my pride won't allow me to accept it
*I* want HER
but *I'VE* had my chance for the last few years
and i've done Nothing
i'm my own favorite fool
and now i think SHE'S given me another chance
she said her lover was leaving and
maybe we should 'hang out'
and i ask GOD
"What The Fuck Would You Do?!?!"
acting on this will hurt someone else
but holding this in will KILL me



Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Zap Mama- Mizike

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